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We’re open to suicidal feelings

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I’m feeling suicidal

Frequently asked questions

Our most frequently asked questions and our responses.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Staying at Maytree is free for guests.

Maytree is a charity and relies on donations to fund the support services that we offer. Please see our donations page to find out how you can support Maytree.

What will I do all day?

Guests are able to catch up on sleep; spend time talking to volunteers and other guests; some explore their problems through writing, drawing, painting, or reading something that helps; others go for walks.

Why only 4 nights, 5 days?

The stay aims to be a turning point of long-term significance. We have found 5 days to be the optimum time to provide people with a useful experience without them being over-dependent on our support.

Do I have to eat with others?

Guests are encouraged to eat regularly, even if only a little, but we recognise that meals, shared or otherwise, can be an uncomfortable event for some people.

Do I need to tell anyone where I am going?

This is something which depends on your circumstances and on who is already aware of the situation. In some cases, it may be useful or even helpful to tell certain individuals where you are going but not always. The final decision about this is yours and Maytree will respect confidentiality at all times. You are welcome to discuss this matter with us.

Do I need to be referred by a professional?

No, Maytree is a registered charity and is not affiliated to any other organisation. You can refer yourself.

Is food provided?

Healthy, freshly prepared food is made for you by our volunteer team.

What should I bring?

Before you are offered a stay, a member of our team will talk you through the stay and what you need to bring.

Do I get professional counselling or psychotherapy when staying at Maytree?

No. We offer befriending… Some of the volunteers may be working outside of Maytree in a counselling or therapeutic environments.

Who else is there at night?

While you are here there will always be two volunteers, including overnight. Sleep is important so if you are struggling during the night we are available.

Do you keep records, and who has access to them?

We keep written records of all telephone and email contacts and assessments, and sometimes record certain aspects of an individual’s stay. This to ensure continuity of care and support and these records are not shared outside the Maytree team.

Records are also retained for a period of time. In addition we keep anonymous statistical records for funding purposes.

Maytree operates within the remit of the Data Protection Act 1998 and Data Protection Act 2018. You can see your records on request.

And on suicide?


I want to die

It is rare for someone to think or say ‘I want to die’. More often, we hear ‘I wish I wasn’t here any more’, or ‘I can’t carry on’. Maytree has helped thousands of people realise that it is not life itself that the they want to end.

How to kill yourself

Maytree has helped thousands of people when they are feeling suicidal feelings to find a way through their darkest thoughts and fears and regain hope.