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Maytree’s house is open 365 days a year for people when they’re feeling suicidal.

Maytree is committed to supporting people who are feeling suicidal, and we aim to offer as many people who feel they would benefit from a stay the opportunity to do so. However, due to a person’s medical needs or specific life circumstances it is not always possible to do so. 

Helpful guidance and signposting

Our helpful guidance identifies criteria that can prevent Maytree from offering a stay. We do all we reasonably can to provide individuals to whom we cannot offer a stay information and contact details of services and organisations that may be able to support them.

Children or young people under 18

Maytree is only able to help adults over the age of 18.

People who are currently misusing illicit drugs or alcohol

Maytree has a strict no drugs, no alcohol policy to ensure that:

People who are currently street homeless

In Maytree’s experience individuals who have to return to living on the streets following a stay can experience increased suicidal thoughts and feelings.

People experiencing psychotic episodes or severe acute mental health issues

These are individuals who are currently experiencing a psychotic episode or are diagnosed with a severe acute mental health issue that requires specialised medical treatment that Maytree, as a non-medical service, cannot provide.

Other reasons

Anyone who for any other reason appears to us unable to engage sufficiently in the talking befriending process to benefit from a stay.

If it is not possible to offer someone a stay after a series of email or phone conversations, then the reasons for this will be clearly explained.

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