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I’m feeling suicidal

Painless suicide

There is no such thing as painless suicide.

You may have come to this section of our website by typing painless suicide into an Internet search engine. We often hear from individuals that they are either in a great deal of or a combination of mental, emotional or physical pain and that they do not know how to carry on living. We understand that, for many people, suicide feels like a way out of that pain. We are here to offer emotional support through befriending and a stay at our respite centre – a chance for individuals who are feeling suicidal to be heard and understood.

There are no guarantees that suicide will be painless and the rippling effects of suicide can be difficult to process for those bereaved through suicide. At Maytree we foster an environment to engage in open conversations around suicide without judgement and to listen, reflect and validate an individual’s thoughts, feelings and experience of suicide.

Bereavement through suicide is unique and complex and those grieving may experience a mixture of powerful emotions such as:

S.O.B.S – Survivors of Bereavement through Suicide – are a national organisation that provide a safe, confidential environment in which bereaved people can share their experiences and feelings, thereby giving and gaining support from each other. Grief can typically include strong feelings of guilt, self-reproach and questioning – “why?” Discomfort, shame and stigma associated with suicide can make it difficult to talk about. There may be further complexities not common to normal bereavements e.g. inquests, media coverage, trauma reactions and difficult family relationships. For more information and to access support please visit

Those bereaved by suicide can be vulnerable themselves to thoughts and feelings of suicide. If you need support Maytree is open 365 days a year to help.